What you might not know about press releases

By: Melissa Reeves

Press releases are important to all companies, organizations, publications and politicians because they are a great way to distribute information to a targeted audience. You can’t rely on just having a good website or hope the media will hear about you and choose to do a story.

The truth is reporters and editors do not have time or resources to gather and cover every event in the community or the country. If your company is doing something important, it’s up to you to get the message out.

Press release writing is different than writing for social media, websites, pamphlets or internal documents. That is why many companies rely on communication specialists and PR professionals to prepare the releases. However, not all companies and organizations can afford a PR department.

As a result, many companies hire freelance writers or an outside company to write them. Remember, not all company news deserves a press release, and distribution should correlate with the type of news. For example, if you’re a locally owned business and you win a community award, you should not release a statewide press release, but sending one to a few local papers would be fine.

Additionally, all press releases sent out should be available on your own website. If you send out a press release and media outlets choose not to cover the story, that doesn’t mean the release goes to waste. You should have a section on your website where constituents, customers, donors, etc. can read what you’ve been up to.

On the Newz Group website, we have a media section where we host press releases for clients. If you don’t have a page like this on your website, contact us and we’ll post your press release on our media page.

Newz Group also now writes and distributes press releases because it is important for our clients to get the word out about their big news. Since it does take skill and proper form to write a good press release, we have talented writers who are experienced in press release writing. We can track their effectiveness and distribute to as many or as few publications as you would like.

If you would prefer to write your own press release but would like us to distribute it for you, we’d be glad to.

Press releases benefit you and the media, so the next time you’ve got big news, don’t keep it to yourself.