Get the most out of your coverage

Newz Group Media Monitoring Hacks: Get the most out of your coverage.

By: Jenn Langdon, Business Development Director

We hate to sound cliche, but in these unprecedented times it is more crucial than ever to get all the news and information you need for your organization. Check out these 5 tips for getting the most out of your Newz Group account.

1. Customize how you receive your press mention emails. 

Newz Group is excited to now offer several options for you to customize the delivery of your daily news results!

  1. Tired of receiving multiple emails on heavy news days? Switch to the single email option! You will receive one email per day of your mentions, there will be no PDF packets attached but you can still login to the Newz Room to view and export your clips.
  2. Is one email per day too much? You can switch to getting one email per week on Friday afternoon with all of your news results. Of course, if you get curious throughout the week you can always login to Newz Room and check for results.
  3.  You can also opt out of your weekly recap emails as well.
  4. Do you want your articles to look the same as they do in the newspaper? Contact us to have keyword highlighting turned off.

To make any of these changes contact our Director of Customer Service, Sarah Frieling, at

2. Customize your analytics for maximum impact

 You probably notice your analytics on your dashboard when you login to the Newz Room.  But did you know that you can use tools within the Newz Room to customize your analytics? When on the ‘Analysis Page’ use the menu in the middle of the screen to select the parameters you need to see analytics for and then select run.

Once you have made the analytics you need, click on the download arrow on the right hand screen of the graph and export your chart in the format you need.

3. Full Text Search

If you need to look for a keyword that you usually do not monitor for, you can use the ‘Full Text Search’ to search for any word or term within your results!
To get started click on ‘Full Text Search’ below the quick filter box, a new tab will open on your browser.
Enter your information in the box on the left side of the screen then click ‘search’. Your results will then display. You can organize, email and edit your print results from this screen. The full text search does not save keywords, so if you want something read on a regular basis, make sure you update your keywords.

4. Do a keyword and account review

2020 has proven that things can change drastically very quickly. A great way to make sure you are receiving all of the news you need and getting everything out of your service is to do an account review. These can be done either via email or by web demonstration call.

We will go over your keywords, omissions, geographic areas, result email recipients and more!

To get one scheduled, reach out to us today!

5. Get all of your coverage in one location

Newz Group offers online news and social media monitoring starting at $25 per month. You can choose the internet news monitoring option through Newz Room or upgrade to the Newz Radar. Newz Radar puts your online news, social media, broadcast results side by side with your traditional print results.

For a demonstration and trial contact us today!

We want you to be able to get the most of your service with us and are available to help you whenever you need.

Jenn Langdon is the Business Development Director at Newz Group. She has been a contributing writer to the Sedalia Democrat and The Kansas City Pitch.