How to ensure the best Social Media Marketing Performance

By: Jenn Langdon

Social Media use has been ingrained in our day to day personal lives; it gives us a way to connect with friends and loved ones near and far, see local happenings, and much more. Social media has also quickly become one of the most powerful tools for businesses to build their brands, advertise and connect with consumers.

According to a study done by ODM, almost three quarters of American consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions, and 90% of businesses have an active social media presence. It is crucial to business that their social media presence be concise, professional, and engaging to both current and future clients. Finding the perfect balance of content and gauging performance of content can be both time consuming and difficult.

With every brand vying for the same eyeballs, it is more important than ever for your business to have a deep understanding of what does and does not work for your brand and industry, and how your social media performs compared directly to competitors’ posting. You can also monitor how you and other businesses in the same industry are being discussed on social media.

Profile Monitoring from Newz Group gives businesses the power to take a comprehensive look at the performance of their social media and compare it to other social media profiles of their choosing. One can compare interaction rates, comment rates, best posts by interaction, and more.

Knowledge is power, and with Profile Monitoring from Newz Group, businesses will quickly attain the knowledge they need to succeed in the crowded social media environment.

Below are some examples of analytics from Newz Group’s Profile Monitoring tool.