Five great Google Analytics tools for a newspaper

By: Matthew Davis |

1. Acquisition – All Traffic – Referrals

One of the most important ways to determine traffic to your site is to look at where your traffic is coming from. By finding out the websites, search engine pages, or social media sites where your site receives traffic, you will see quickly where you can direct your resources and connect to your growing audience (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, and etc.).

2. Audience – Mobile – Overview

The mobile trend is not going away and more people are looking at news through their mobile devices. This dashboard shows you the breakdown of your audience visiting your site through their mobile devices. Seeing a continual rise in mobile/tablet use may signal you to think about services better suited for these devices. This can be as simple as providing an E-edition of your newspaper to subscribers.

3. Behavior – Site Content – All Pages

If you are not using other services to analyze your articles’ popularity, Google Analytics shows you the top pages for your site and content. This listing helps answer some behavioral questions when it comes to unique pageviews compared to pageviews. Another important metric is time spent on articles. By understanding these metrics, you can see where your subscribers’ interest may be. In turn, this knowledge is helpful for companies advertising with your newspaper.

4. Segments

One of the most frustrating issues in analyzing page metrics can be the number of odd pages from different countries when you know your readers are primarily based in the US. You can segment these pageviews in the Segment panel on the top of any of the pages mentioned above. Each segment can filter results for a particular state, city, or the entire United States as well. The important idea is simplifying what you are viewing and cleaning out the junk data. Junk in is junk out.

5. Conversions – Goals – Overview

In the beginning of web analytics, the emphasis was entirely on pageviews or impressions. While this can be encouraging, the behavior of the visitor is much more important today. Analyzing the success of your subscription sign up page can be captured by attaching a goal to the confirmation page is essential to look at your conversions. You can even attach a monetary value for each confirmation. The monetary value helps gauge what is the highest you are willing to pay for your marketing efforts.


6. Behavior - Site Speed - Overview & Behavior - Overview - Bounce Rate

Both of these dashboards are the first things to check if you see a sudden drop in pageviews. These dashboards can tell you quickly if there is something wrong with your website. It may be a simple coding issue or an unwanted upgrade from your platform provider.

The digital experience has always been a demanding one that requires constant attention, but the rewards can be great. The consumer looks for simplicity, beauty, and most importantly, consistency

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