COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for everyone, in times of both crisis and joy one of the things we, as people tend to retreat to art. As the quote goes, The arts connect us to our humanity and resilience. With social distancing guidelines in place, people can no longer visit museums, attend art classes and other events. Newz Group is proud to see the exceptional work so many of our clients are doing to keep people connected and engaged.

With the majority of people in Arkansas and around the world spending more time with their screens, museums like the Arkansas Art Center, in Little Rock, Arkansas, had to create ways to connect people with art from their couches and thus was born “Arkansas Arts Center Amplified.”

According to a press release, “Arkansas Arts Center Amplified” began as a Facebook group to feature artist demonstrations, highlights of artworks from the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation Collection, Children’s Theater performances and episodes of “Our Work Continues,” an original web series developed by the center. Within a few weeks, more than 1,000 people joined the group,and“Arkansas Arts Center Amplified”expanded into an innovative slate of online programming.”

Above Image: Assorted Works from the 59th Annual Young Arkansas Artists Show. (Courtesy of The Arkansas Arts Center)

As a part of the Arkansas Arts Center Amplified, both the the 59th Young Arkansas Artists Exhibition and the 62nd Annual Delta Exhibition have moved onto an online platform. This change of venue, allows these works of art to be viewed by people from all around the world.

The Arkansas Arts Center has now moved their classes onto the video conferencing platform, Zoom. According to the Arkansas Arts Center, class offerings include ceramics, painting, drawing, color theory, sculpture and the business or art along with theater classes for both youth and adults. More than 200 students are currently enrolled in online classes, including students joining the class from out of state.

“The Arkansas Arts Center exists to connect our community with art and creativity. We are continuing to fulfill that mission despite these challenging circumstances,” Executive Director Victoria Ramirez said.”

Even though we hate the circumstances, it is inspirational to see our clients and beloved institutions go above and beyond to connect communities, engage and entertain people even in these trying times. We recommend that you take some time to look at all of the Arkansas Art Center’s online offerings and enjoy the beauty of art.

Video of Arkansas Arts Center Zoom art class. Courtesy of Arkansas Art Center