Audi Desolation

By: Cam Patton | Marketing Specialist |

This ad isn’t for everyone. This ad is not for the average consumer.  We know that. Audi knows that. And that’s why we love it.

Instead, this ad is for the risk-takers, the adventurers, the daredevils.

Our ad of the week comes from an Audi commercial for the new Audi R8. Filmed in Death Valley, the commercial introduces a surprising partnership: Audi and Airbnb. What happens when you pair the two? An unforgettable consumer experience unlike any other created before. Unsuspecting partnerships can boost your marketability and get consumers talking, but where do unusual collaborations like these come from? For Audi and Airbnb, it is the simple appeal of grand adventure.

There is a certain kind of consumer who feels comfortable sleeping in the house of a complete stranger. One might describe this consumer as adventurous, bold, and daring.  Similarly, the new Audi R8 is not for the timid or faint of heart.  Coupling the exciting idea of driving a supercharged sports car with the freedom of remoteness in the heart of the American West makes Audi and Airbnb a perfect pair in the world of co-branding. Moreover, the nature for adventurers to crave any opportunity to experience the not experienced may have played a key role in this unique co-branding travel package selling out instantly online.

To the thrill-seeking consumer, the question is fairly simple: what could be better than driving an Audi R8? The freedom to do so in the heart of the American West for a weekend, complete with a stay in a beautiful house with access to a private chef. In this unique marketing stunt, we learn that’s exactly what you can do when Audi and Airbnb get together. This might be the best co-branded partnership since Stratos.

The Airbnb reservation list may be full, but watch the commercial here.