3 Ways to Use Media Monitoring To Your Advantage

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr | tyates@newzgroup.com

Media monitoring is a great tool that can be used by just about anyone, from the national politician looking for constituent sentiment in an election year to a local nonprofit trying to find the part of town that is in most need of their support. The flexibility that media monitoring offers make it an invaluable investment and should be an integral part of any sort of brand strategy looking to make a real impact.

Use Media Monitoring to Manage Sentiment

No one loves a crisis. From a website going down when you’re launching a new product or message, a bad user review, a social media making something go viral; a litany of small things can snowball out of control in a moments notice. Your reputation on the internets is a brand’s most precious commodity. Using media monitoring as a historical tool you can see what strategies have worked best in the past and offer outreach of your own to protect your brand, and get a leg up on competitors that may have fallen short by avoiding their mistakes.

Using media monitoring to form some form of sentiment management plan allows a way to prevent overreactions and respond quickly to issues that may arise. Discover what current clients enjoy your message, interact with them, and find the gaps in your strategy.

Use Media Monitoring for Research

What are your competitors up to? What are industry analysts saying about your field? With media monitoring, you can track the competition and find articles you can use to adapt your strategy to separate from the pack. You can also find out about the latest trends, whether this fits, your brand’s voice and how you can better relate on the various platforms you use.

Keep track of the news in your industry in every aspect and find out about recent events that may influence your industry. From national law to local governments, any change can cause a great ripple that media monitoring can keep you abreast of and allow for a keen level of adaptability that further sets your brand apart.

Use Media Monitoring for Impact

Where is your brand and message showing up in the media? You have already found out what people think and feel about you, how to avert public relation nightmares by researching the industry landscape, but is your brand’s message showing up where you want it on the right media platforms? With media monitoring tools, you can find out where and when your brand is being talked about and then use that as a means with pinpoint accuracy to place your brand’s message in where you desire it to be.

Newz Group’s Client Portal is a great tool in that regard as it tracks not only sentiment, it shows you exactly where, and when articles mentioning your brand show up in all the media. Are you getting all the coverage you’re looking for? How can we help you find you today?