Samsung’s Galaxy S7 + Gear Fit2

By: Cam Patton |

New Year, new you.

Every January millions of people vow to make a lasting change in their life for the New Year. Sometimes it means calling your mother more, saving for a house, or volunteering on the weekends, but a lot of times it means shedding those pounds you picked up over the years and becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Unfortunately for many, the commitment to permanent change is easier said than done, and many find themselves unable to commit to what they’ve promised themselves just a few short months (or weeks) before.

In a coupling of two ads, Samsung reminds each and every one of us what it’s like for many people around this time of year, and it’s charming and inspiring.

The first ad shows a suburban dad during his first moments running through his neighborhood. After running for a couple of seconds, he stops to catch his breath. After his wife cheers him on from the window, he waves, and takes off again.

The second ad features a man running through the city when he stops again, to catch his breath. He notices a mannequin in the window of the store sporting the same athletic gear he is. He admires the mannequin’s physique and inspired, adjusts his Gear Fit2 to again, take off.

The distinction in messaging from typical fitness ads and Samsung’s is extremely important. Samsung doesn’t use the 30-second spots to highlight a series of capabilities or features that outwork the Apple Watch, Garmin Forerunner, or Fitbit HR. Instead, they seek to appeal and relate to the struggle many of us face this time of year.

Too often in health and fitness ads we don’t see who we are, we see who we want to be. Although these ads might inspire us to buy the new running shoes, the multivitamins, or the gym membership, they don’t inspire us to stick with them. Contrastingly, although the reality of starting and stopping during a short run around the neighborhood or city might not be glamorous, it is a real life struggle that many of us can relate to – and that’s why it works.

We’re drawn to the Gear Fit2 ads because they are real. A lot of the purchasing power in advertisement comes from the feeling we think we’ll receive when we purchase a product. For Samsung, that presumed feeling is a sense of belonging in a community of people who all want the same thing – to finally become who they’ve wanted to be for so long.

Samsung sells the idea that whether you’re catching your breath or taking off with the Gear Fit2, you will never do it alone.