Why You Need Social Media Monitoring

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr | tyates@newzgroup.com

Tracking news media both physically and digitally has always been important to our clients seeking to find information on their brands and outreach. But in recent years the need to track and monitor coverage on social media has increasingly become the de facto way to monitor influence in the modern age.

Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to user complaints thereby shaping the sentiments of your brand is important. It enhances your image to your user base and shows you’re involved in your brand and are open to your costumers. Your ability to react quickly to concerns about your company gives you a powerful new tool to address issues and build trust. Social media also gives you the ability to engage customers more casually. This allows you to create a brand persona that can influence the perception of your company.

In addition to the fun of engaging clients in new, exciting, and even silly ways – social media can help establish feedback loops to help develop products and services.

To get the most out of your social media strategy it is important to track the tsunami of customer comments. That requires monitoring the constant chatter. To do that effectively you’ll need a social media monitoring tool that fits your unique needs.

Using the appropriate social media monitoring is important because of the sheer amount of “white noise” found online social platforms. In addition to the chatter of individuals – tracking news on the Internet will help you find useful coverage for your brand. That allows you to leverage the most insightful information to again refine and personalize content for your users.

Most importantly social media monitoring can help you find out what is being said about your company. Additionally, it’s also helpful in finding out what your competition is creating on their respective social media platforms. Using the data collected, you can form a coherent and advantageous content strategy.


The ability to get in on the action of social media is also important to the future facing consumer. Being able to add depth and the touch of “humanity” is seen by many as more important than the service offered. Using media monitoring you can find out what’s really important to users and shape your output to offer that more personalized touch.

Speed is also something to consider when using social media monitoring. In Internet time, a day might as well be an eternity, and no one wishes to look behind or irrelevant. By making use of the monitoring tools you can stay up-to-date and forward-facing. This can be a key factor in not only shaping the content your users crave but also crafting experiences and ideas they may not even know they want.

Utilization of social media monitoring also allows you to find the online sources of the information. Being able to track the total number of “hits” for each of the sources allows you to find the origination of your information and allows ways for you to cater that information to current and future users. Being able to design a thoughtful strategy for addressing client concerns, reacting quickly to issues, and working through problems is essential in staying competitive today. Take advantage of the tools available to help you achieve your social media goals.

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