Why Does Media Monitoring Miss Local Content?

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr | tyates@newzgroup.com

When media monitoring outlets offer their coverage to potential clients, they like to say that they find everything. However, context is key and everything does not mean comprehensive, and in those gaps, a lot of crucial local content gets lost. Ideally, costumers who need media monitoring services would love to have all the content that they’re paying for. So why does media monitoring often miss local content?

Simple, they do not offer comprehensive coverage because they do not have the access to all of it.

As newspapers evolve and grow in to the 21st century, with digitization, e-editions and archiving, more of their content is posted online. This is where most media monitoring firms pull the bulk of the content for their customers. Issues arise when the information isn’t readily available. What happens if the newspaper has a paywall? What if the newspaper has the article in print editions only? That content isn’t found, and in enough cases, a large information gap potentially develops, one that costumers would never be aware of. Depending on the information, this could lead to faulty metric and statistical data or boards of directors slashing the funding for initiatives on the premise that a need for monitoring does not exist.

Even with the advent of information technology and ubiquitous access to the internet, several newspaper publishers just do not have the staff, resources or ability to put their papers on a digital platform that media monitoring outlets can leverage effectively. As most of the media monitoring outlets view newsprint as antiquated, they do not offer the ability for costumers to truly see media that is not readily available via digital platforms outside the internet, and again an information gap forms and that content isn’t readily available to them.

That is where Newz Group has the upper hand over its competitors.

Strong relationships with media trade associations, newspapers and other online news outlets have been foundational to our success. With over 1,900 newspapers uploading editions each week, we have developed one of the most comprehensive regional archives for contemporary periodicals in the U.S. and it is growing every day. We help publishers make their publications available on the internet in an easy and seamless fashion, exactly as it appears in print. It is also compatible with tablets and smartphones so that it can be viewed anywhere at any time.

With Newz Group’s robust connections to press associations in the Midwest, we can offer comprehensive media monitoring coverage of the hyperlocal content that is consistently missed by larger outlets. Every day we receive loads of newsprint that we digitize and monitor in-house, offering up a stalwart, comprehensive, and affordable option to costumers looking to find any of the coverage they are looking for. How can we help you find you?