Who needs Media Monitoring?

When explaining what media monitoring is, one of the most popular questions we get is ‘well, who uses media monitoring?’ Generally, people think that only large scale businesses or giant organizations have any use for media monitoring or have the budget for media monitoring. Another misconception is that people think that media monitoring is a niche product that exists for just communication professionals.

In reality, there are a lot of uses for media monitoring, and our clients vary in scale from small businesses to some of the largest organizations in the country. As mass communication becomes more accessible to more people, it is more important than ever for organizations from all walks of life to know what is being said in the news. At Newz Group, we have a very diverse group of clients who use media monitoring in countless different ways. Below, you can read about five different industries and how some organizations use media monitoring to their benefit.


For event-based researchers, media monitoring is a critical tool for gathering data for studies.

Newz Group works with a wide array of researchers and groups to help them track events and news for their studies. By tracking occurrences in traditional newspapers and online researchers can get a better idea of patterns, frequency and more insights that will help them on their research.


Media Monitoring can be a powerful tool for businesses to find new leads. Many city, county, state governments and some other organizations are legally required to print Requests for Proposals and quotes for both large scale and smaller projects in newspapers.

In addition to finding Requests for Proposals and quotes, businesses can use print monitoring to find announcements of possible large scale capital improvement projects. Newz Group has a diverse range of business that use our services as a successful way to increase their revenue.


Non-profit organizations do important work in their communities and regions; however, it is crucial that non-profits measure the reach and impact of their work in the media. Newz Group is proud to work with many kinds of non-profits across the nation. Newz Group not only allows non-profits unparalleled access to small, rural papers, which is often the focus location of their work; Newz Group also offers clip-gift mounting for non-profits to give to their supports and advocates.

Not only can non-profits use media monitoring to see the reach and impact of their work in the media, but often times non-profits also use the Advertising Value Equivalent from their media coverage to help secure grants, allowing the organizations to do even more work in their communities.

Universities and Colleges

Regardless of whether a college or university has 3,000 students or 30,0000 students, every college and university have a lot happening in traditional media and social media. Media monitoring allows colleges and universities to track and stay connected to alumni, see current and future student chatter, monitor their brand image and reputation and other important aspects all with one convenient place. By using media monitoring, colleges and universities are able to serve their communities more effectively.

News makers

With the ongoing prevalence of newspapers, the 24/7 news cycle, and social media, it is more important than ever for people of prominence to keep track of what is being said about them in the media and their reputation.

Newz Group works with a myriad of different news makers, from artists to politicians to social media influencers and maybe a Hollywood Star or two to see how they are making the news in one convenient platform.

These five groups are just the tip of the iceberg for the very diverse groups of people and organizations that media monitoring can be beneficial for.

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