At Newz Group we know that no two clients are the same, much like no two Media Monitoring companies are the same. Newz Group has a foundation in newspaper monitoring and has been in the media monitoring business for twenty-five years. As technology has rapidly expanded, so has Newz Group’s service offering. We may no longer cut out clips and send them via snail mail, but we bring our vast expertise to each and every client to help meet their media monitoring needs.

Newspaper mentions

Over the last decade, the influence of online news has risen, however, 6 out 10 Americans cite their local newspapers as their go to news source. With traditional newspaper monitoring from Newz Group you receive articles clipped from actual newspapers.

Hardcopy based newspaper monitoring has many benefits for the clients. Articles are clipped in their entirety directly from a digital edition of the source newspaper. Also, with print monitoring, clients receive mentions from papers that have little to no online content presence.  At Newz Group we work with our clients to determine what newspaper content they need and from where, cutting out the noise of mentions that have no meaning to our clients.

By having access to actual newspaper content, clients can get the total picture of what is being said about them in the media.

Content from Social Media & Online News

Online news monitoring from Newz Group searches thousands of news, announcement, and trade publication websites from around the world for mentions of your keywords, while also analyzing the tone and impact of your results. Combined with other media channels, like hard copy print monitoring; online news monitoring helps you get the full picture of what is being said about your organization or brand in the media.

Social Media, allows any person to have a mass communication platform, it is crucial for organizations and businesses to keep tabs on what is being said. Social media monitoring from Newz Group allows you and your organization to easily view any mention of your keywords from six of the most popular Social Media websites (Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).


The actual media mentions that are found with Newz Group’s services are a critical foundation, but are just a part of the puzzle when it comes to understanding your media coverage and impact.

The insights that come with Newz Group media monitoring help you visualize and fully understand how what is being said in the news impacts your organization. With Newz Group heat maps you can see down to the county, where you are being mentioned the most, quickly ascertain the sentiment of articles mentioning your keywords and much more.

Mention delivery based off your needs.

Your needs are unique, so we offer multiple media mention delivery options. You can receive emails with their mentions in them daily, weekly or three times a week. Also, if you do not want to receive multiple daily emails with PDF attachments, then you can receive emails without clips attached. You will also receive an automated weekly summary of coverage via email, however, clients who do not wish to receive these can opt of out them. 

Also, all Newz Group clients have access to the ‘Newz Room’, our in-house built client portal. This platform gives enhanced access to your earned media content, and allows you the ability to organize, build reports and analytics customizable to your needs.