The Pork Almighty Conquers the 2017 Iowa State Fair

By: Stephen Bybee  |

In 2017 the Iowa State Fair introduced a lineup of over forty new foods to its already vast and dizzying array of food choices.  Some of the standouts this year include the Cheesy Fried Enchilada Funnel Cake, the Golden Fry Choco Pocko, Sweet Bratwurst Corndog with Maple Syrup On-A-Stick, Bacon-Wrapped Jalapenos, Bacon On-A-Stick, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken On-A-Stick, Bacon Cheese Fries, and the Three Little Pigs.   It should be apparent by now that pork and the act of frying play heavily in the creation of a prospective Iowa State Fair food, which is no surprise as the Iowa Pork Producers Association has had a long-running presence at the fair.  Each year fairgoers are asked to vote on their favorite new food during the eleven days that comprise the State Fair, and for 2017 a decisive winner has been chosen.  And yes, it does involve pork.  Weighing in at a staggering four pounds the aptly named Pork Almighty features shredded pork, twister fries, queso sauce, onions, shredded cheese, and more queso sauce.  The ingredients are assembled in a customized bowl which is designed to perch atop a 32 ounce beverage container.  The bowl has an opening in the middle to allow a straw to pass through, thus the food and beverage can be held in one hand and enjoyed nearly simultaneously.  This video from the Des Moines Register will help you visualize the method of construction and the final product.

Runners up in this year’s food contest include Iowa’s Big Pork Leg (imagine a Renaissance Festival turkey leg, but made of pork), and Mig’s Applewood Smoked Chicken Wrap.  This overt nod to the delicious power of pork is a testimony to the fact that Iowa is the nation’s top producer of pork, as well as corn and eggs. And the Iowa State Fair is a fantastic venue for Iowa to show off its agricultural commodities, both on the hoof and on a plate.

To see more of the edible offerings that Iowa State fairgoers were able to consume during the 2017 Iowa State Fair, take a look at the entire lineup here.

Disclosure: Iowa Pork Producers Association is a client of Newz Group