Newz Group teams up with the Missouri School of Journalism to create born-digital news archives

By: Melissa Reeves
Edward McCain

MU’s Digital Curator of Journalism, Edward McCain

Columbia, MO – Newz Group will be working with the University of Missouri Libraries and Reynolds Journalism Institute to create a database that will preserve newspaper and born-digital news content. Thanks to a $35,000 grant from the Knight Prototype Fund, this pilot project will produce a viable and sustainable news repository in conjunction with RJI’s Journalism Digital News Archive.

Operating in tandem with MU’s Digital Curator of Journalism, Edward McCain, Newz Group will help establish an infrastructure to assist publishers with preserving and monetizing their newspaper archives.

“We’re doing something very meaningful that will be good, not just for a few people but for society at large,” said McCain.

Newz Group is currently the digital archiving provider of 14 state press associations, and the company is facilitating other ancillary digitization projects in states such as Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas.

Publishers of small and medium-sized non-metro newspapers will be sought out to volunteer their content for testing purposes. RJI will examine a sampling of these publications, which will be housed on Newz Group servers, and administer a content analysis to assess the substance of these archives. That will be the first step in determining the most effective way to archive and analyze born-digital news content.

Preservation of this material is vital to sustaining history. Newspapers and online news reflect culture and these important pieces of history can easily be wiped out due to catastrophic events and system failures. It is crucial this content is protected. Newz Group and RJI understand that born-digital news has value, and the aim of this project is to find an effective way of protecting this content.

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