Better Media Data in 2018

By: Ian Buchanan |

With 2017 behind us, we look forwards to what 2018 might hold for public relations professionals. Throughout last year we saw changes in national news cycles, innovations in technology, and the launch of new data services. These developments will have a profound impact in the coming months. The Barcelona Principles will continue to improve the quality of measuring the media. These advancements will only improve public relation departments at organizations.

Throughout the year we’ll be seeing emerging developments in the public relations (PR) sector. Companies and organizations will integrate new technology to progress their ongoing efforts. Adopting new systems, such as the Watson AI, that will be leveraged by those needing a broad view of their media impact. Here are some of the developments Newz Group expects will cause the biggest changes in the coming months.

Emphasis Shift

More companies than ever will look less at raw media and more at analytics. The nature of the data being evaluated will supplant media clipping. This change in focus has been developing over the last few years. The shift will continue as measuring the data means quantifying the information. Quantification of the media impact is more important than ever.

Better Data

As technology becomes more prevalent and efficient, the quality of the data available for analysis will also advance. Access to new data sources – such as population density maps or public information databases – will expand. This material will be integrated into existing and developing systems. This, coupled with media measurement technology, will provide a robust suite of information that PR professionals can utilize. The power and reach of this new data will create additional insights that substantially broaden the view of what is relevant and useful.

Improved Relevance

Integration of this new data will improve PR professionals’ ability to react to the moment. These improvements will increase the quality of information available. Relevant auxiliary information will further help assist PR professionals in their media analysis. The quality of analytical data will improve and create more reliable reporting.

More Direct

The contraction of the communication chain to stake holders will lead to improved and effective methods for interaction. As social media expands to connect users, more companies will broaden their individual reach. Dashboards collecting that information will shorten the reaction time to posts that are deemed “important” and “actionable” to PR professionals. This improved collection of information, coupled with the direct communication channels, will improve the ability to react quickly.


Information and data will become easier to interact with. New service developments will allow PR professionals the ability to efficiently and effectively leverage users and posts in new ways. Being able to immediately address a user’s input through data measurement dashboards will be crucial to brand success moving forward. As social media tracking continues to become more ubiquitous, the ability to react in real-time will become more prevalent.


The continued improvement of quality and speed will make online interaction faster and better. Being able to quickly receive information and react immediately will become the industry standard of public relations management. As quality and speed grow, newer tools will be developed to leverage this data directly.

As information and data continues to become easier to access, the need for newer and even more powerful PR tools, like analytics, brand tracking and media relations, will emerge. Being able to properly and quickly assess this new information will become vital to public relations professionals and the companies they work for.

This year is set to be a very interesting as media, society, and technology collide in new and fascinating ways. Be sure to stay ahead of curve with data driven insights that you can measure. Newz Group leverages its own industry leading suite of tools and services that will keep you one step ahead this year, reach out to us today.