Media Monitoring For Construction, Engineers, and Contractors

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr |

Here at Newz Group, we are always going on and on about how media monitoring helps companies and organizations find out what is being said about them in the media. Using that information how they can then control the message and solve problems that can arise in the day to day of running a business or promoting a brand. From print to online, social media and even broadcast networks, this coverage has proven to be an efficient cost-effective way to do those things.

Media monitoring can also benefit industries that you would not think it could at first: namely contractors, engineers, and construction companies.

The industry is already keyed in on the use of social media with 70% of construction companies starting to engage with followers compared to 55% in 2014. In the UK, 370,000 engineers used LinkedIn with construction followed close behind. Utilizing social media platforms and use of the internets engages potential clients, via sharing news of completed projects, user reviews of previous works helping spread the word about services offered to both customers and other networks.

Using those platforms, in conjunction with media monitoring, enables contractors and engineers to develop new business relationships and enhance existing ones, increase awareness and keep current with the latest industry news, among other benefits. Managed properly, this potentially opens up new opportunities for companies.

Not just that, media monitoring allows a clear view of all aspects of construction and empowers companies to anticipate and address problems before they arise. Insights into the potential construction environment, timeliness issues and meeting construction targets, ongoing negations with suppliers and how said suppliers are viewed in the media and by the citizens. More importantly, health and safety regulations in a region, along with laws and compliance measures can be found with monitoring services.

The core feature of media monitoring for construction is the overall saturation. Using tools like Newz Group’s Client Portal, contractors are made aware of construction bids and leads from the minutes from towns and cities. With our media monitoring solutions, we also offer bids, leads, requests for qualifications and proposals in any form. Keep track of upcoming bond issues, city, county, school and more that are offering information meetings, up for a vote or opening for bids. Timeliness is key with most of these, and using our monitoring service suite allows for an unprecedented ability for contractors to get information on a potential project, its costs and submit a bid before the deadline.

Media monitoring has limitless potential it is not locked to just public relations and marketing industries. It can be a powerful tool for individuals of disparate industries, looking to get an edge over competitors and be forwarding thinking leader in the industry. For almost two decades, Newz Group has collaborated with many construction and engineering firms to find the hyperlocal content they need, in a timely and efficient manner. We would love to help you find you as well, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.