Introducing the Digital Newsroom

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr @GroupNewz |

What was once known as our Client Portal has now become the Digital Newsroom! It’s still the same brand new online dashboard you know and love, that allows you to access digital content from the entire country through a single portal. We work closely with press associations and news bureaus across the nation to provide the most comprehensive level of hyperlocal content available.

One of the ways we do this is a digital twist on the classic way, with our teams of media research analysts reviewing editions of print publications and marking applicable content for client keywords and subjects. This is then processed and delivered via email daily. This is also made available through the Digital Newsroom. When you log in you are greeted with a dashboard showing various graphs of recent coverage from our primary service areas in the state(s).


Outside of print editions, media coverage is brought in to the Digital Newsroom from various online sources. The relevant information is translated into three primary categories: Social/Online media, News Articles, and Analytics. This content received is processed with the goal of identifying the important information calibrated to your desires and the analytic breakdown of how your news coverage may impact your organization.

The results received will include additional information related to its sources. The print media, for example, will be represented as full text, page numbers, column inches, publicity values, sentiment, authors and corresponding keywords. The publicity value is the cost of each article if it had been published as an advertisement in a print publication. Advertising costs sourced from each publication is utilized to determine the total media publicity value.

Analysis of the source text determines the sentiment of “positive”, “negative” or “neutral”. This is then assigned to an article based on the weighted word values throughout the original text. This sentiment is subjective by nature but is accurate at broadly determining the appropriate inclination of the material.


Media results are delivered to you through two primary methods. Daily Email Alerts are sent to designated recipients as they are processed and can also be downloaded from the portal with “Download Bundled PDFs”. The News Dashboard option contains all relevant content identified for you and can be accessed by anyone granted permission to your account.

Features & Benefits

The results from sources are accessible in the Digital Newsroom and can be utilized by multiple team members at the same time. Unlike other media monitoring companies, print monitoring results are never blocked by paywalls. Content is fully provided and presented exactly as it appears in the publication. It can be searched by keyword using the “Full-Text Search” feature, after entering a term in the search box and selecting a date and publication range, applicable results appear. Your results can also be filed into folders to help you with the organization of your content.

The Digital Newsroom can also assist with the generation and exporting of numerous graphs and reports using the “Analysis” tab in the dashboard. These include:

Total Clips Over Time: a graph of the number of results each month. It can be filtered by county, city, publication, keyword, sentiment and date.

Media Publicity Value: tracks advertising equivalency and can be filtered the same way.

Geographical Analysis: shows where in a state coverage originates. Clicking on any county in the graph will bring up a report of all the clips received there. If the report is downloaded as .pdf, it provides a link to view the graph.

Keyword Analysis: compares the results among keywords.

The Analysis Report: is a breakdown of results by the publication that shows headlines, dates, page numbers, column inches, circulation, readership, advertising equivalency and offers a link to view every full article.

The City/County Report: is a percentage of results from each county in that state. It provides advertising equivalency and shows the percentages of total clips, inches and advertising equivalency for each county.

Online/Social Media results from all states are on the “Internet Monitoring” tab. The online hits can be organized into folders and sorted by search term, keyword, source, sentiment and date. The online coverage and results are keyword and full-text searchable.

Online graphs include:

Web Results Over Time: illustrates the number of results received each month in a selected time frame, customized by keyword, source, and sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis: a chart showing positive, negative and neutral results and can be customized by keyword, source, and date.

Source Analysis: a chart illustrating what portion of hits come from News/Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

These reports are customizable to fit almost any need. Most results can be quickly emailed, printed and downloaded from the Digital Newsroom. You can email results directly to yourself and your team and the Digital Newsroom offers an address book for frequent contacts and a distribution history to check on sent emails.

Standard email templates can be utilized and stored to save time on future emails. You can customize the subject, header, footer, and recipient list. You can even view current keywords, submit updates at any time, change the password and modify the templates to include text and images using HTML. Results from Newz Group’s secondary market providers are sent in an email and are also available on the “Download OOS” tab.

A lot of love and care has gone in to making the Digital Newsroom the best, most excellent tool for your media monitoring needs. The bar for Helping You Find You has now been pushed to new heights, and we’d love to show you what you’ve been missing out on in the world.