Gear Up! How Media Monitoring Tools Can Help Public Relations

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr |

We are always looking for ways to show everybody how media monitoring can be used in all facets of life, from the industrial engineer, all the way to the halls of Congress. Finding out what is being said about you in the media has never been more important, cutting through all the noise, to pinpoint the precise elements needed for success.

Public relations do a lot of work getting ahead of potential issues for their clients and they are always quick to find ways to change the narrative. Of course, if they use comprehensive media monitoring tools in addition to their usual methods, they are far ahead of the competition. They can view, often in real time, the effect of their outreach labors, measure message resonance, find out if the story they are telling goes beyond just the margins of coverage and answer the question of if they got coverage.

Media monitoring has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent times and made quantum jumps in the last decade, with further excitement coming as artificial intelligence becomes more relevant. Far from the newsprints and magazines of the early days, media monitoring now encompasses social media, online news, broadcast and radio platforms.

With media monitoring and automation, public relations can analyze the data that has already been processed, prevent crises from boiling over, shorten response time to issue, and be able to shape the best message possible. It is the true essence of audience targeting, and with media digitization, using media monitoring is the best choice for public relations.

Media monitoring tenants apply to public relations as well! The client segments are roughly the same, so the use of media monitoring is just a no-brainer. Utilizing the data on hand, they can find what message resonates with the public. Tracking competitors and capitalizing on current trends in the public relations realm. With access to media monitoring tools, the ability to adjust campaigns and messaging in real time is paramount to success, especially if the message is not resonating or is positioned in the wrong place.

Moreover, not just the “spin” and “crisis management” portions of public relations, media monitoring can help them use data to inform the public on a variety of things. For charities and not for profits, you can publish items about hyperlocal initiatives in the community and holiday drives in the media and then track the saturation, or make sure that your coverage is placed appropriately. Government public relations can inform the public about legislative initiatives, engage the citizenry on a variety of public policy.

Our Digital Newsroom is all the media monitoring tool you need for public relations excellence. Generate and export reports all the way down to county and city, even email the reports right from the digital dashboard! You can also view the media values of articles over time; see the advertising equivalency of those clips, evaluating the true cost of the messaging. View geographical analysis of where in the state and nation the coverage is coming from and how much. With sentiment analysis, find out if the media coverage is positive, negative, or neutral as a graph. You can also search the content we provide to drill all the way down and see what the media coverage belies for you and your clients.

We have been Helping You Find You for over two decades, and with our media monitoring tools, we are confident you can gain the edge you need for public relations awesomeness. Do not hesitate to reach out to us; we would love to help you.