Going Hyperlocal in the Craze of News Analytics

By: Ben Buchanan | benbuchanan@newzgroup.com

News analytics is the new craze in the modern business environment, in which hyper-fast content must be identified, processed, and understood, in the most efficacious fashion possible.  Without analytics, public and press relation departments are, in many ways, blind to the current trends and emotional positions of the public.  This leaves them with difficulty in navigating the message the department is trying to properly convey to the public, whatever the message may be about.

Any given organization should not assume they are immune to the foibles of poor media management – including social media.  A wonderful example of an organization working with a strong social media presence is, oddly enough, Wendy’s.  It is a running joke on many social media sites about the “sick burns” Wendy’s social media is able to elicit among key demographic groups.  Yet, how can Wendy’s determine the effectiveness of their social media campaigns?

wendys burn

Simply, by determining the total amount of positive, negative, and neutral social media mentions, broken down in relation to specific tweets, as well as Facebook and Instagram posts.  This may sound difficult, but it is actually made easy through the use of Newz Group’s new Client Portal.

Newz Group’s Client Portal offers an analytics dashboard that provides a visual representation of hyper-local coverage. Reports may be generated daily (or hourly or weekly, for that matter) to determine an organization’s overall media effectiveness, as well as monitor hyper-local news with a map offering geographic dispersion of media postings.  In addition, you can run customized reports of individual keywords to illustrate and provide sentiment to how your coverage has appeared on various media platforms.

The impact of hyper-local based analytics allows for a location-based solution to identify issues, feedback, track customer satisfaction and experiences. Aggregating and analyzing location-based data from social media; this is then aggregated into actionable data for clients. Hyper-local allows gauging audience engagement based on the various platforms that the client uses, allowing them with precision, to focus on the markets that will yield the best results. With the use of these analytics, organizations with physical locations can truly understand the conversations happening in their area, and cut through all the chaff that other firms may provide.

Without such tools, organizations may wade through the murky waters of misunderstanding – however, with our new Client Portal; an organization can find clarity in public perceptions.  Newz group has been providing our costumers with pertinent data for decades and with our exciting new emerging technology will be able for centuries to come! Let us help you find you by contacting us today.