At Newz Group, we believe that local journalism is the foundation of every community, and we are proud to be partnered with the Missouri Press Association to support local journalism in Missouri.

Digital uploading of content (instead of mailing in newspapers) not only helps Newz Group and the Missouri Press Association preserve local news for generations to come, but it also has many benefits to you and your newspaper.

Benefits of Uploading Newspapers to Newz Group for Publishers

  • Get Your Tear Sheet Revenue Faster

    By uploading your content, you eliminate delays from the USPS and will be paid quicker for tear sheet ads and eliminate the possibility of not getting paid at all due to timeliness.

  • Save Money on Postage

    USPS Periodical mailing rates have increased in 2021; avoid the increase by uploading. When you upload your content to Newz Group, you will only need to mail MPA only one hard copy edition.

  • Perks & Discounts

    All uploading publications can stop by the Newz Group booth at the MPA convention for a free gift. Also, all uploading publications are eligible for a discount on Newz Group’s E-Edition services.

  • Secure Off-Site Backup Archive

    By uploading your content, you are ensuring it will be stored in our complimentary searchable archive that’s there for you when you need it. No matter what Missouri weather throws at you, you will always be able to access your historical content.

  • Public Notice Postings

    Get your Public Notices on the statewide Public Notice website faster, so the people who need to see them can.

  • Support Missouri Press Association

    Your digital submission supports the statewide press clipping service which pays royalties to MPA. The clipping service gets your news in front of some of the most critical decision-makers in the state and nation; providing digital editions gets the content to them faster.

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