Learn more about the NEWz Room and it’s exciting features.

By: Ian Buchanan, Newz Group Vice President

2021 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for the Newz Group team!

Starting towards the end of 2020, we began working on a redesigned media monitoring application. After several months of work, we are ready to launch version 1.0!

This new platform will replace the current version of Newz Room, the transition will be automatic for all clients who use our media monitoring platform.

Example Image of the new Analytical Dashboard

The improved application includes several enhancements over the current version. Some of these changes include:

-Improved analytics dashboard for better understanding the media impact.

-The integration of newspaper articles, online news, blogs, and social media posts into a single feature.

-Enhanced filtering capabilities to build unique reports and improve organizing relevant content.

-The Topic Tracker – a feature to manage and store results by, well…topics.

-Multiple, unique logins for users on a single account.

-Article tagging and favoriting features to enhance your understanding and organization.

-And much more!

All of these features were designed with users in mind. Maintaining a user centric design approach was essential to us in identifying the most important capabilities to build into this new system.

Being able to focus on our users, the needs of our clients, and building something interesting and fun in the second half of 2020 gave our team an important thing to focus on at a critical time for many of us. We are very proud of what we have created and are looking forward to making enhancements to this new application through the rest of this year and well into the future.

For our current clients, there will be communication coming soon on how to sign up for multiple training opportunities with the Newz Group team.

Thank You,

Ian Buchanan

Vice President, Newz Group