Data analytics’ gift for insight and success

By: Matthew Davis |

IBM states we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. This data is made every second by a variety of devices, people, and organizations. However, with all the data we have today, we are not able to look through every row or column. The demands of today have pushed us to create new software and technology just to manage all of the new data. While managing the growth of data, we realized we need to understand it. This is where analytics comes in.

Through the new software combined with our growing expertise, we are able to provide vital insight from the knowledge we have collected. The importance of analytics is truly a reaction to the flood of data created. The analytics is the escape from the long hours of tedious repetition from counting, searching, and analyzing only the smaller parts of the data. Then all of this work is put together to acquire the one detail for your business. Data analytics is about finding dozens of insights for you and your business. It is the method of utilizing large sets of information aggregated to find knowledge within it. Taking that same knowledge created and using it to find the insights for tomorrow.

What does that mean for newspapers, social media, or television? It means finding every keyword mentioned in media or visualizing the spread of one’s media presence throughout the state/region. Once you understand how many times certain keywords appear in one newspaper compared to another, and then discover how these keywords appear on social media, you begin to realize the spread of your message. This would work for other’s opinions as well. By discovering the message, you can then begin to manage it and properly react to opinions, positive or negative, in certain parts of the country/state. Finding your biggest opponents and your strongest supporters is a powerful method toward sustaining your growth and potential in the world today.

Data analytics is not something to be concerned about or mystified from, but instead it is an opportunity to succeed. It is the ability to manage this chaotic, fragmented world of information into a picture created with reflection and understanding.

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