The Modern Reader: Newz Group is Helping Newspapers Transition

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr |

Publishing a newspaper and getting it out is hard enough, and no one understands that better than Newz Group. For decades, we have been helping not only newspapers and their press associations, but organizations, politicians, and many more with a variety of media public relations services.

For publishers, an e-edition is an easy way to make your newspaper available to a much wider audience on the internet. In an easy and seamless fashion, digitize your newsprint so that it is compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphone. Now your readers near and far can take the news with them anywhere, and anytime.

With our complimentary digital archiving service, upload your publication to our secure servers for a long-term, safe, and reliable archive. Having a digital archive of your publication is paramount for protection against catastrophic local events or data storage failures. These events are tragic and can be made worse if the history of a community, that the local newspaper provides, is also lost. 

Capitalize on your digital archive with goPublic Archive. You can make your archives available to your subscribers as an additional service. This creates the opportunity to increase revenue by selling access to your valuable archive on our secure platform. You retain full control over subscribers, revenue, and content. Additionally, Newz Group has powerful search features that make it easy to query your archived editions.

For our press association partners, we offer statewide archives that produce electronic-tear sheets that enable the use of electronic proof-of publication to advertisers. This reduces cost and increases the speed of invoicing and with over 1900 newspapers uploading editions each week, we have developed one of the most comprehensive regional archives for contemporary periodicals in the U.S., and it grows every day.

Press supported legal and public notice websites protect the integrity of government-issued notices as well as maintain a valued revenue source for newspapers. Our solution hosts approximately 20% of all the public and legal notices generated in the U.S. Newz Group provides this service for eight states in the Midwest.

Through public/legal notice and e-edition hosting, secure digital archiving and more, Newz Group is the ultimate in one-stop hyperlocal digitization and archival needs. We have been helping newspapers across the country with the transition from print-based media to electronic publishing through digital archiving and e-edition hosting. Strong relationships with media trade associations, newspapers and other online news outlets have been foundational to our continued success. How can we help you find you?