Tools of the Trade: Media Analysis & Metrics

By: Terry A. Yates, Jr |

Coming up with a concrete strategy for a successful campaign and implementing it properly is an issue that many in our industry and abroad face currently. The question always amounts to what are your goals with a current campaign? But more importantly what are people saying about your message? What do your costumers think about the services you provide? How can you be doing better?

Luckily, a few tools available help mitigate those doubts with results that can be analyzed and implemented so that you will be successful in your branding and messaging without breaking the bank to get there.

Web Traffic

This cherished classic is the typical standard used to measure the type of customers that are interested in your services and what platforms they are using to find your website. Analytics sights like Google Analytics, SimilarWeb, and Alexa are great tools to track things like page view, bounce rate and the duration spent on each page of your website. You’ve made the content to draw people in, now you need to know if it’s resonating or what you need focus in on and do better than the competition. In this vein SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge is useful as a leverage tool to increase your campaign, business, or brand’s visibility online. Obviously, you want your company or brand at the top of the stack when someone Googles you or your keywords. The SEO can vastly help establish industry credibility with potential costumers and help you pinpoint the exact verbiage necessary for success.

Social Media

The almighty and seeming ubiquity of social media has become increasingly relevant to businesses of all sizes and allows them to develop individual personas to create unique posts, tweets, or stories to use on the various platforms. You can measure reach, the users that have seen your content and if they’re retweeting and reposting the content you’re providing. You can judge the number of impressions, the number of times your content was displayed, on the platform to find if your message has any resonance and impact. Finally, engagement allows you to see if users reacted to your content by clicking on the post or link you provided in your content. There are many services that offer analytical tools, your own Twitter page has it, and products like Talkwalker’s Quick Search offers extensive coverage of social networks along with news sites, blogs, and forums.

Media Monitoring

Evolving from a traditional press clipping service, modern media monitoring now includes print, online, television, and even radio. This has been a useful source for measuring sentiment for decades and is often a more cost-efficient way to get the information you desire. Though there limited control over the amount and type of content you receive; there is a real understanding of the public perception of your brand and its outreach through its comprehensive coverage. A great tool you can use is Newz Group’s Client Portal. It has an analytics dashboard that provides visual representations of the coverage you need. Pinpoint where in the state(s) you are receiving coverage, its updated daily to include articles by county (map), by the city (numerical), and frequency of articles by publication and sentiment of each news item. Run customized reports of individual keywords to illustrate when and where your coverage appeared in print. This allows for deeper insights into what people are saying about your campaign and its reach in the media. We’ve been developing and helping evolve media monitoring for over two decades Helping You Find You no matter where you are or the coverage you’re looking for. Let’s create some tools to help you succeed, contact us today!